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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  July 4, 2013 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman and we are doing fourth of july in a big way with the best videos. it is time to light it up, "right this minute." it is fun with fireworks until somebody gets a roman candle right to his face. meet the guy who took the hit and walked it off. >> it was like a paintball, but like really hot. >> what's a holiday without water sports and a little friendly trash talk. >> you are looking like a wuss
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on camera. >> then watch the guy who says that. >> the amazing underwater escape after what seems like forever. >> it is not that far. >> it is the viral hit of the summer as one flying leap falls flat. now, an update on the daredevil with two broken feet. >> i hesitated and blap. >> and just the thing to put you in the fourth of july mood. an awesome july 4th veo. >> meet the rs behind the instant holiday classic. ♪ we are all seeing red white and blue ♪ >> it is a common fireworks stunt, horsing around with the roman candle and aiming it at your bud disand shooting it.
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you see that guy takes the roman candle right to his face it looks like. watch it again. >> are you okay? >> holy [ bleep ]. >> the guy who took the hit philip ciufo and he is also the front man for the band after the anthem, and you have to imagine that they were worried about damaging his face, but luckily, no serious injuryies and now moe about this near miss we have philip ciufo joining us via skype from toronto. and philip, first of all, where did this candle hit you? >> well, i was recording from the phone and the first shot missed me completely, and their aim was completely bad. this one hit me in the upper chest area and then exploded in my face. >> what injuries did you suffer from this? >> i had big bruise and my shirt had a big hole in it. and when i was first hit it felt like my felt the shirt
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disintegrate. >> and knowing what you know now having experienced, this would you do it again? >> yep, i would do it again. i'd wear goggles next time. i'm thankful that i was not injured badly. we were lighting them off for canada day. i was not lighting them off, but got shot. >> and what about the guy who lit it off and near le killed his buddy. we also skyped with mike. did you feel bad? >> yes, i definitely felt bad. i didn't know exact ly where hei hit him. the plan was for him to take the camera down the ally and we would fire at him and if you notice that everybody missed him, but mine hit him. >> now i asked philip this question, if you could, would you do this again? >> well, if philip wanted us to.
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>> well, we have more tonight. maybe we will do it again tonight. and in georgia you can win the kayak and go down river and cool off. >> you are looking like a wuss on camera. >> knnotice that he says that y are looking like a wuss on camera, and watch the guy who said that. you should be careful what you r are saying to other people while you are having fun in a kayak. looks like we are up on some rapids and oh, no. the kayak fell over and he fell out, and he has a little bit of a hard time regaining his e equilibrium. >> you talk smack and you will get hit with smack. >> swim towards the light. >> watch what happens when he gets up to get some air. >> what do i do here? huh? >> roll it. >> it is trying to suck me under the rock. >> he is holding on to the side holder and he is saying that the boulder is trying to suck him und under. and i called the kayak
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experience and they said that 90% of the time if you are sucked under, it will spit you right back out. eventually, he is able to maneuver and everything is okay. >> it looks like fun. >> don't call your friend a wuss. "right this minute," we love to honor our men and women in uniform and what better way to do that than with an awesome welcome home video. this is in california and we found this one on the welcome home blog. you are seeing the soldier collin walking towards the fence and he has not seen his family in more than a year. they don't know that he is about to come home. what he is doing is to walk into a girl's water polo practice. his dad is the coach. >> oh. nice. >> no way! stop it! oh, my god! >> that is dad. and i have never seen a dad that excited. he just starts screaming, no
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way! and you can't tell, but i'm assuming that there are lots of man tears, because they get into a big hug and all of the girls on the water polo team are are squealing and excited for the tw two. >> so much fun to watch. >> no theatrics there, and the guy walks in and says, hey, give me that. >> and the mom and the dad here, they react the same way. >> no way! stop it! oh my god. >> practice is over early. everybody go home. >> yep. as you are all enjoying your summertime pool parties keep this in mind. don't do this. you might remember this story, nicole easton jumping from the roof of her house into a pool. when we first saw this video, man, really cringe-worthy and hard to watch. >> no, no, no, no. >> that is not what they planned. we talked to nicole way back
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when. >> it felt like my body kind of cracked. my left foot is healing in a horseshoe shape than the way your foot should heal. and my right foot has an extremely huge crack in it, and they have to major push the crack together. >> update on the story, she didn't end up getting surgery after all and the doctors said that it is going to be really, really complicated surgery, so she has one boot on one of her feet. she is still healing and having trouble walking. she has been able to go back to her office job, but the whole time she is there, she told us that she is just sitting. >> it was a stupid thing to jump. i was scared and i shouldn't have done it. i was scared. >> she is learning from the mistake and we are hoping that eventually she is healed. >> we wish her as speedy recovery as possible. it is unfortunate to endure it,
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but because it was caught on video, she may be saving a lot of people from trying this same stunt. a moose comes along the crash a family get together, so the dog decides to play protector. >> it is very playful the whole thing. >> see how they tell the moose to va-moose. and it is a super tramp wakeboard party. >> if you can't wakeboard, show up and we have a deejay and we are going to dance and have a uninvited guests to the
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holiday barbeque can be annoying, awkward, but thun invited guest provided some unexpected entertainment. >> is that a moose? >> that is a moose. that is obviously not afraid of human, because these guys were having their barbeque and the moose is like, hey, what is going on over there? he slowly walks across the water
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and eventually makes it on to the land scoping out the scene. but he doesn't want trouble. he wants to see what burgers they have on the grill. >> they have food for 12 and the moose can eat for 10. >> and look at what happens when the dog spots the moose and decides to protect his family. >> no! oh, no. >> moose starts chasing the dog, but it is playful the whole thing, and the dog sort of chases back. the moose starts walking back to where he was. this is actually awesome, because it is a playful moose. >> he wants friends for the holiday. >> they do set off fireworks to scare him away, but it does not work. >> yeah, who is scared of fireworks. >> then he figured out i'm not we welcomed, so i am going to go. >> only the dogs go to where they are uninvited. this is a moose. >> nothing is better than bash kug on independence day, and i will give you the bacon taco. >> this is from the folks
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barbeque for you. >> start with 15 pieces of bacon and weave them together on a parchment paper. >> the bacon is the taco shell. oh, we are not talking about crumbling it over. >> no. >> they then put it in the refrigerator the cool it off and then -- >> reserve the bits on the side, because they will go to good use. >> then brush on oil. >> you get steak and chicken and start to rub it with the spice rub. >> before we do that, we put on some apple wood. >> he is cooking the bacon taco on the grill, and watch that pot roast over the grill, and he takes the wax paper off the bacon and drapes it over the edge there giving it the taco shell shape. after 20 minutes he checks on it, and the bacon taco shell is not done, but look at the tastiness. >> that looks so delicious. at some point he says we have to cook the chicken and the steak. and he has to put that on the
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grill. >> if people were still on the atkins diet, this would be the perfect item. >> so he is loading up the bacon shell with the steak and the chicken and the cheese and the onions and the salsa and tomatoes. >> that looks delicious. if it is a beautiful day and a lot of people are having a lot of fun doing something awesome we know that devin supertramp is involved. this time with spectacular wakeboarding. this is et up to the song "scrape the sky" by can't stop, won't stop featuring fresh big mouth. and of course, it looks like more fun than anything that you have ever seen in your life, because that is what devin supertramp's videos look like. >> he can make eating a bowl of oatmeal look fun. now, you notice that there are cool ariel shots and cool movement up in the air. that was actually shot by one of
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devin's friends, and his name is chris newman and so he is getting other directors involved to get in on the fun. >> and look at the line up there. >> and did you see the dance party going on, on the docks. if you can't wakeboard, fine, we have a deejay. show up, and we are going to have a good time, and you will get a show in the process. well done, devin supertramp, as always. a step by step video for one super cool street. >> this is the perfect party trick for your summer fun. >> see the secret to an instant coke slushie. and this life guard tries to save the day. >> you are like, wait a second, why were you swimming? maybe he should yell out to the look at them kids... they have no idea what it was like before u-verse high speed internet. yeah, you couldn't just stream movies to a device like that. one time, i had to wait half a day to watch a movie. you watched movies?! i was lucky if i could watch a show.
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i don't know if there is and online school for lifeguarding, because it sounds like a bad idea, but maybe this video says there is. this guy goes into the water and pops on the flippers and goes in style to save the guy or whoever is out there and keep it going. then you are like, why were you swimming? then he tries to do the very you can't look cool doing that run tripping over the flippers and you can stand the whole time. maybe he should yell out to the person who is having trouble
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"stand up!" and that is sort of one folly from the water. this one even bet eer, some bros out there having fun in the water. watch this guy here. >> oh no. >> so they push him in. you are thinking, okay, that is pretty bad, people pushing him in, and that is funny, right? it is funnier, because as they are trying to get this guy up, it is a struggle, because the dude that is not doing anything is a lifeless body. they are grabbing him by the back of the pants trying to pick him up. >> you have to work. you are not doing anything. >> and there is a point where they are are not getting anything, right. better than that. >> oh! >> under all that. >> can can we see that again. >> come on. >> they did catch a swell right there and he was kind of knocked off balance. >> oh, that is so funny. can we see it one more time. >> okay.
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>> here on "right this minute," we have seen videos of super cool water, but what about this super cool soda. >> like a coke icee. >> this is from our friend on the random channel, and this is a perfect party trick for the summer fun. >> in this project, you will get the secret of an instant soda slushy. >> grab a room temperature soda and start to shake it violently. >> that will allow you to freeze it below freezing. >> put it in the freezer for three hours and 15 minutes. >> when you release the pressure, some of the carbon dioxide escapes and some of the water molecules freeze.
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they begin to crystallize to turn into an icee. but the key is how you open up some of the bottle to allow the pressure to escape. >> i love it, because you don't have to add ice, because that will dilute it, and then it will not be super sweet. it is the perfect garment for your barbeque. >> introducing rib stained camo. >> if you are a messy eater, just indulge and no one will know that you are messy. >> see what happens when we test it out while chowing down. >> oh, man! >> t ♪
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[ roars ] ♪ ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪
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what the heck is going on here? talk about using the wrong tool for the job. apparently the guys down at the end of the block are trying to tear down this entire tree. and now, instead of using a chainsaw, they decide to tie up an old clunker and just start yanking. that is never going to work. >> it does not work, steven, but it is quite entertaining for the neighbor to watch these guys try over and over again. >> they do it more than once? >> absolutely, and even hear the guys down the block going, back up and do it again. back up and do it again. >> if they do get it down, it is going to fall down on the car. >> or maybe that car. we don't see the limb coming down, but the uploader and a
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truck is used to bring down the tree. >> this is a bad idea from so many different angles. not long ago i introduced you all to a revolutionary product. >> introducing rib stain camo, a revolution in food eating apparel, and hides all of the embarrassing stains and splatters. >> of course, you remember this, and we put a lot of questions on youtu youtube, and they wanted to know if it is a real product and can you really order this? so we ordered three of the rib stain camo shirts and also some ribs. >> that is my favorite part. >> i will totally and very gladly test those shirts for you. >> all right. >> can we dig in? >> yeah. don't worry about getting it on the shirt, girls, because you are being dainty not trying to get it on there. go animal style like the woman on the video. >> and there you go, don't
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bother with the napkin. >> this is the best thing ever. we could wear it daily every time we eat. >> oh, man! >> that is perfect. >> that rib is good. >> there it is. >> this is the greatest shirt ever invented. >> yes. >> there is so much sauce on christian's shirt right now. it is getting in the hair. >> how is that now? >> it is better. you can't tell. >> did you girls just eat ribs? >> yeah. >> i need a napkin. no, i don't, because i'm wearing it. >> it seems that you are not supposed to be doing what you are doing. what better way to celebrate independence day than with an awesome patriotic music video.
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♪ i found out that the last american eagle is out there ♪ ♪ and you can bet your balls ♪ i'm going to ride that bird ♪ and bring freedom back into this song ♪ >> these are the awesome guys from the con bro chill and this is their song "born free, america." here's looking for the last man eagle. very patriotic, and everything is red, white and blue in this video. >> this is going to be stuck in your head. >> you are right, very catchy. >> my favorite part of the video is when they capture the man eagle. >> to tell us more about this individu
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video we have the boys from con bro chill. >> tell me about the man eagle. and what is a man eagle and why does he have a unicycle thing? >> well, since i don't necessarily play an instrument, i have to think of what i can add to the video so i put on the costume. >> and it is actually pronounced ma-neagle. >> what does the ma-neagle do to celebrate july 4th? >> big jump running thing. >> i have it beach ready. >> i do love the american flag leggings with the cowboy boots though. >> i appreciate it. >> i have very girlish legs. >> did the patriotic tourists s survive this and do you drive around portland? >> yes, i'm cruising around. this is a big week for the tour. we are looking forward to it.
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>> and you are incredibly awesome and to honor you we have the cool shades. >> happy 4th. >> happy 4th. we love you, america. that is it for us here at "right this minute." enjoy the rest of your holiday, and we will see you next time. ♪ i think that we are all turning red, white and blue ♪ -- captions by vitac --
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hi. i'm beth troutman with the best videos on this fourth of july. it is time to get your cherry bomb on "right this minute." why just light a fuse when you can use hammers with -- >> explosives taped on to them. >> the story behind the fireworks rave that's the winner hands down. to enjoy the lake this fourth of july, but -- >> don't do this. >> why this jet ski head-on could have been way worse.


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